QuickDeck Car Park System

Ideal for heavy traffic areas subject to high shear and abrasion

  • Solvent and VOC free- Environmental friendly

  • Ready for foot traffic in 30 minutes – Vehicular traffic in 6 hrs

  • One application process, rapid cure – massive time savings. 1 day applications possible

  • High resistance  to oils, fuels, de-icing salts and a wide range of general chemicals

  • High flexibility, high tensile strength, very high abrasion resistance

  • High anti-skid and anti-slip properties – fulfills R10 and R12 skid resistance rating according to DIN 51130

  • Superior crack bridging abilities even at low temperatures (6.3mm at -20°C)

  • Very good adhesion to concrete

  • Low consumption of aggregates, approx. 400 grams / m²

  • Two aggregate grades - aggressive for ramps and high slip areas and standard for flat and walk way areas

  • No excess aggregate is produced saving clean up and aggregate recovery time


No.        Color Options                 Similar to

Design & Colors

1             Pigment SKY Blue                     RAL 5015

2             Pigment DARK Blue                  RAL 5005

3             Pigment LIGHT Grey                 RAL 7035

4             Pigment DARK Grey                  RAL 7005

5             Pigment Black                          RAL 9005

6             Pigment DARK Green                RAL 6010

7              Pigment Yellow                         RAL 1023

8              Pigment PASTEL Blue               RAL 5024

9              Pigment Red                             RAL 3020

10             Pigment Creme                        RAL 9001

All Standard Color Options can be combined with QuickDeck Aggregates.


If you need custom-made colors, feel free to send us your request. 

QuickFloor Solution

Overnight solution for Commercial & Industrial Flooring

  • Environmentally friendly – contains no VOC`s

  • Applicable at high humidity and low temperatures

  • Fast application, fast curing, saving time & money

  • One application, high build base coat holds decorative quartz and paint flecks

  • Advanced hybrid technology top coat provides superior gloss and colour retention

  • Superior UV resistance and high gloss characteristics

  • Very good resistance against fuels, oils and most common chemicals

  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance

  • Will accept Quartz or decorative paint chips for a high quality decorative or slip resistant finish

  • Easy to use 2:1 and 1:1 ratios make on-site mixing a breeze

  • Available in a variety of standard colours

  • Suitable for Laboratories, Hospitals and Health Care Facilities, Pharmaceutical plants, Food preparation facilities, Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants & bars, Aircraft Hangars, Garages & Walkways, Manufacturing plants, Office flooring, Show Rooms & Retail shops

QuickSeal Series for Waterproofing

Spray applied · Instant setting · Totally seamless · Extremely fast application

  • 100% solids, VOC-free, Solvent free

  • Tack free in seconds – walk on in minutes allowing rapid return to service, saving time & money

  • Excellent adhesion to nearly all substrates -concrete, steel, aluminium, fibreglass, wood, foam etc.

  • Can transgress multiple substrate types in one application

  • Good tensile and structural strength, good abrasion resistance, good impact resistance

  • UV, chlorine and saltwater resistant

  • Excellent thermal stability

  • No need to use protector boards when back filling
  • Suitable for waterproofing of

    • water features, pools and ponds,

    • bridge, street and tunnel construction

    • high impact areas, such as  plant rooms, trafficable roof decks

  •  Also widely applied

    • for areas exposed to high wind abrasion

    • for commercial, industrial & manufacturing facilities requiring large scale waterproofing

    • under concrete screed waterproofing of large scale podium decks

QuickSpray Series, high performance elastometric lining system

Superior abrasion, impact and containment solutions

  • 100% solids, VOC-free, Solvent free

  • Spray or cast applied to any substrate and to any shape

  • Excellent adhesion to virtually all substrates

  • Can be built to any thickness in one single application

  • Rapid application and instant curing

  • Moisture Insensitive technology for application in extreme climatic conditions

  • Excellent thermal stability. Remains flexible over a wide range of temperatures

  • Excellent abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance

  • High impact & abrasion resistance, maintains flexibility

  • Excellent resistant to most chemicals, solvents, acids and caustics

  • Seamless, impervious, flexible membranes – no joints or welds

  • Formulas for Chemical containment to potable water

  • Absorbs vibration, impact and shock waves

  • Suitable for waterproofing of

    • Water and wastewater facilities – containment and processing, clarifiers, chlorination tanks, potable water storage, water channels

    • Materials handling applications – chutes, hoppers, bins, conveyor belts, slurry tanks, transport equipment

    • Oil and Gas – Primary and secondary containment, pipeline coatings, pipe line joints, tank linings internal and external

    • Construction - Car Park decks, expansion joints, ramps, tunnel waterproofing, bridge decking, cooling towers

    • Wind energy - (on and off shore), blade coatings, pylons coatings

    • Secondary containment – spray in place earth bunds, reinstatement of concrete bunds

    • Theming industry – Sculpture encapsulation, water parks

    • Blast Mitigation

QuickFill Series for Joint Sealing

Concrete Repair Fast & flexible · Self-levelling · Non-sag 

  • Meets USDA requirements, VOC free, 100% solids

  • High tensile and elongation & flexibility

  • Cures quickly even below zero in just minutes.

  • Not sensitive to moisture

  • Resistant Chemicals Fuels, Oil and other contaminants

  • Excellent abrasion - and high impact resistance

  • Excellent Seal – Joint Edge Support

  • Suitable for 

    • Cable Runs, Utility Cuts, Inductive Loops

    • All Damages and Crack-Repairs on Concrete

    • Control Joints, Expansion Joints, Interior concrete

    • ​Automobile and Aircraft Parking Zones

    • Garage Decks, Concrete Docks

    • Cold Storage Application

    • Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

  •  Also as slow set Spray Membrane​

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