QuickDeck Car Park System

Ideal for heavy traffic areas subject to high shear and abrasion

  • Solvent and VOC free- Environmental friendly

  • Ready for foot traffic in 30 minutes – Vehicular traffic in 6 hrs

  • One application process, rapid cure – massive time savings. 1 day applications possible

  • High resistance  to oils, fuels, de-icing salts and a wide range of general chemicals

  • High flexibility, high tensile strength, very high abrasion resistance

  • High anti-skid and anti-slip properties – fulfills R10 and R12 skid resistance rating according to DIN 51130

  • Superior crack bridging abilities even at low temperatures (6.3mm at -20°C)

  • Very good adhesion to concrete

  • Low consumption of aggregates, approx. 400 grams / m²

  • Two aggregate grades - aggressive for ramps and high slip areas and standard for flat and walk way areas

  • No excess aggregate is produced saving clean up and aggregate recovery time

VIP QuickDeck System for Carpark


No.        Color Options                 Similar to

Design & Colors

1             Pigment SKY Blue                     RAL 5015

2             Pigment DARK Blue                  RAL 5005

3             Pigment LIGHT Grey                 RAL 7035

4             Pigment DARK Grey                  RAL 7005

5             Pigment Black                          RAL 9005

6             Pigment DARK Green                RAL 6010

7              Pigment Yellow                         RAL 1023

8              Pigment PASTEL Blue               RAL 5024

QuickDeck solutions available in ten standard colors. Custom Colors on Requet.
QuickDeck solutions available in ten sta

9              Pigment Red                             RAL 3020

10             Pigment Creme                        RAL 9001

All Standard Color Options can be combined with QuickDeck Aggregates.


If you need custom-made colors, feel free to send us your request. 


QuickFloor Solution

Overnight solution for Commercial & Industrial Flooring

  • Environmentally friendly – contains no VOC`s

  • Applicable at high humidity and low temperatures

  • Fast application, fast curing, saving time & money

  • One application, high build base coat holds decorative quartz and paint flecks

  • Advanced hybrid technology top coat provides superior gloss and colour retention

  • Superior UV resistance and high gloss characteristics

  • Very good resistance against fuels, oils and most common chemicals

  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance

  • Will accept Quartz or decorative paint chips for a high quality decorative or slip resistant finish

  • Easy to use 2:1 and 1:1 ratios make on-site mixing a breeze

  • Available in a variety of standard colours

  • Suitable for Laboratories, Hospitals and Health Care Facilities, Pharmaceutical plants, Food preparation facilities, Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants & bars, Aircraft Hangars, Garages & Walkways, Manufacturing plants, Office flooring, Show Rooms & Retail shops

VIP QuickFloor Solution - advanced hybrid technology top coat provides superior gloss and colour retention
VIP QuickFloor Solution for industrial flooring, such as Laboratories, Hospitals and Health Care Facilities, Pharmaceutical plants. Food preparation facilities
VIP QuickFloor solution for industrial flooring - such a Aircraft Hangers
VIP QuickFloor Solution for Commercial Flooring, such a Retail Floor, Showroom

QuickSeal Series for Waterproofing

Spray applied · Instant setting · Totally seamless · Extremely fast application

  • 100% solids, VOC-free, Solvent free

  • Tack free in seconds – walk on in minutes allowing rapid return to service, saving time & money

  • Excellent adhesion to nearly all substrates -concrete, steel, aluminium, fibreglass, wood, foam etc.

  • Can transgress multiple substrate types in one application

  • Good tensile and structural strength, good abrasion resistance, good impact resistance

  • UV, chlorine and saltwater resistant

  • Excellent thermal stability

  • No need to use protector boards when back filling
  • Suitable for waterproofing of

    • water features, pools and ponds,

    • bridge, street and tunnel construction

    • high impact areas, such as  plant rooms, trafficable roof decks

  •  Also widely applied

    • for areas exposed to high wind abrasion

    • for commercial, industrial & manufacturing facilities requiring large scale waterproofing

    • under concrete screed waterproofing of large scale podium decks

VIP QuickSeal - Spray applied, seamless, instant curing flexible membrane
VIP QuickSeal for waterproofing of Water Features
VIP QuickSeal for waterproofing of Pools
VIP QuickSeal for waterproofing of Ponds

QuickSpray Series, high performance elastometric lining system

Superior abrasion, impact and containment solutions

  • 100% solids, VOC-free, Solvent free

  • Spray or cast applied to any substrate and to any shape

  • Excellent adhesion to virtually all substrates

  • Can be built to any thickness in one single application

  • Rapid application and instant curing

  • Moisture Insensitive technology for application in extreme climatic conditions

  • Excellent thermal stability. Remains flexible over a wide range of temperatures

  • Excellent abrasion, impact and corrosion resistance

  • High impact & abrasion resistance, maintains flexibility

  • Excellent resistant to most chemicals, solvents, acids and caustics

  • Seamless, impervious, flexible membranes – no joints or welds

  • Formulas for Chemical containment to potable water

  • Absorbs vibration, impact and shock waves

  • Suitable for waterproofing of

    • Water and wastewater facilities – containment and processing, clarifiers, chlorination tanks, potable water storage, water channels

    • Materials handling applications – chutes, hoppers, bins, conveyor belts, slurry tanks, transport equipment

    • Oil and Gas – Primary and secondary containment, pipeline coatings, pipe line joints, tank linings internal and external

    • Construction - Car Park decks, expansion joints, ramps, tunnel waterproofing, bridge decking, cooling towers

    • Wind energy - (on and off shore), blade coatings, pylons coatings

    • Secondary containment – spray in place earth bunds, reinstatement of concrete bunds

    • Theming industry – Sculpture encapsulation, water parks

    • Blast Mitigation

VIP QuickSpray Series - high performance elastometric lining system
VIP QuickSpray Series - high performance elastometric lining system
VIP QuickSpray Series - high performance elastometric lining system
VIP QuickSpray Series - high performance elastometric lining system

QuickFill Series for Joint Sealing

Concrete Repair Fast & flexible · Self-levelling · Non-sag 

  • Meets USDA requirements, VOC free, 100% solids

  • High tensile and elongation & flexibility

  • Cures quickly even below zero in just minutes.

  • Not sensitive to moisture

  • Resistant Chemicals Fuels, Oil and other contaminants

  • Excellent abrasion - and high impact resistance

  • Excellent Seal – Joint Edge Support

  • Suitable for 

    • Cable Runs, Utility Cuts, Inductive Loops

    • All Damages and Crack-Repairs on Concrete

    • Control Joints, Expansion Joints, Interior concrete

    • ​Automobile and Aircraft Parking Zones

    • Garage Decks, Concrete Docks

    • Cold Storage Application

    • Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

  •  Also as slow set Spray Membrane​

VIP QuickFill Solution for Joint Filling
VIP QuickFill Solution for Joint Filling - suitable for all amages and crack-repairs on Concrete