Decorative enhancement by our Sealant solution - 

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Unlimited Color Design Possibility made possible with Colorful sealant choices 


Natural Stone - 

The ideal sealants collection: OTTOSEAL S70, S130, S140

Ottoseal S70 - Color-riched, anti-mould sealants
Ottoseal S70 - the absolute choice for natural stone sealants, offering you exciting colors for your interior design
Ottoseal S130 and S140, the silicone sealants with prolonged mould protection for bathroom, natural stone and swimming pool applications
Ottoseal S130 & S140 contain the OTTO FUNGITECTR Silver Technology, harmless-to-health, environmentally friendly, excellent weathering, ageing and UV-resistance, does not cause any migratory staining on natural stone, odorless

Wood Flooring -

The ideal sealants collection: OTTOSEAL S110, Parkett A221

Ottoseal S110, the premium neutral silicone
Ottoseal S110 is best suit for window pane sealing on wooden windows, sealing of joints on windows and doors made of wood, metal and plastic
OTTOSEAL® Parkett Model # A221, the silicone-free special sealant for wood, laminate and cork floors seals reliably, even on irregular surfaces. It dries quickly and can therefore be ground and varnished soon after application.
OTTOSEALR Parkett keeps its elasticity even after many years.

Ferrous metal material -

The ideal sealants collection: OTTOSEAL S70, S110

Ottoseal S70 Color Chart

Non-Ferrous metal material -

The ideal sealants collection: OTTOSEAL S70, S100, S110

Ottoseal S70 Color Chart
S110 Colurboard.jpg

Custom Color Available - 

from the RAL color standard, the color matching system

in Europe

selant Color palatte_result.jpg

Minimum Order Quantity for each custom color:

20 cartridges (each cartridge in 310 ml)