Product Guarantee 

15 YEARS for interior spaces // 10 YEARS for exterior spaces

Non-flammability Class

 "Euroclass ISO EN 13501-1 EU" norms, "Class A2 Non-flammable & Non-combustible"


"1.46 gr/cm³" according to "TS EN ISO 1183-1" norms

Temperature Resistance Limit

"No deterioration at 800 °C" according to "ASTM E1069" norms

Barcol Hardness

"52" according to "TS EN 59" norms

Impact resistance (Ball Method)

"No crackages" according to "DIN ISO 4586 T12" norms

Impact Resistance (w/ Charpy Device)

"30 kj/m2" according to "TS EN ISO 179-1" norms

Sound Insulation

"40 dB" according to "TS EN ISO 140-3" norms

Frost Resistance

"No deterioration" according to "ASTM C 666" norms

Panel Details 產品詳情

Panel Size 飾面板尺寸

297cm x 130cm [h]

Panel Thickness 厚度

~ 10 - 40 mm

Pattern Depth 花紋深度

~ 25 - 40 mm

Weight 重量 (以每平方米計算)

~ 9 - 10 kg/m²

A fine line between art and design...


A dual-layered design. While trying to add a strong statement to the design, it has a plain presence. A product standing on the fine line between art and design. Wood Barbados, which looks like a wood block set out on different levels, consists of Cobriza, Earth, Basalto, Carmin and Blanca series. Creating strong impacts with a modern decoration especially in wide spaces, minimalist and geometric of Wood Barbados is carrying the light and spiritual impact of abstract architecture to the spaces. Barbados Carmin, which has a special wood color and adds something to the space, is integrating the space with its dominant color and creating its own sensation. Although it reminds of an ambiance from old times, Barbados Basalto creates contemporary interiors with its cold, plain and matt look and is one of the most appreciated colors of Wood. Offering a use matching with light color decoration, Barbados Earth is profoundly suitable for offices, houses and stores.

雙層設計。 在嘗試為設計添加強烈聲明的同時,它具有樸素的存在感。 站在藝術和設計之間的細線上的產品。 Wood Barbados,看起來像一塊塊不同層次的木塊,由Cobriza、Earth、Basalto、Carmin和Blanca系列組成。 用現代裝飾創造強烈的衝擊力,尤其是在廣闊的空間中,Wood Barbados 的極簡主義和幾何圖形將抽象建築的光和精神衝擊帶到了空間中。 Barbados Carmin,以一種特殊的木色為空間增添了一些東西,將空間與其主色調融為一體,創造出自己的感覺。 雖然它讓人想起舊時代的氛圍,但Barbados Basalto 以其冷、素和啞光的外觀創造了現代內飾,是最受讚賞的木材顏色之一。 Barbados Earth 提供與淺色裝飾相匹配的用途,非常適合辦公室、住宅和商店。


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