Product Guarantee 

15 YEARS for interior spaces // 10 YEARS for exterior spaces

Non-flammability Class

 "Euroclass ISO EN 13501-1 EU" norms, "Class A2 Non-flammable & Non-combustible"


"1.46 gr/cm³" according to "TS EN ISO 1183-1" norms

Temperature Resistance Limit

"No deterioration at 800 °C" according to "ASTM E1069" norms

Barcol Hardness

"52" according to "TS EN 59" norms

Impact resistance (Ball Method)

"No crackages" according to "DIN ISO 4586 T12" norms

Impact Resistance (w/ Charpy Device)

"30 kj/m2" according to "TS EN ISO 179-1" norms

Sound Insulation

"40 dB" according to "TS EN ISO 140-3" norms

Frost Resistance

"No deterioration" according to "ASTM C 666" norms

Panel Details 產品詳情

Panel Size 飾面板尺寸

300cm x 132cm [h]

Panel Thickness 厚度

~ 8 - 10 mm

Pattern Depth 花紋深度

~ 12 - 14 mm

Weight 重量 (以每平方米計算)

~ 7 - 8 kg/m²

A sculptural integrity on walls...


Prenaica series, which is inspired by the mesh system of horizontal and grout-filled slates, is making a difference in spaces with its real-like slate look. Reflecting its personality to the applied space and establishing itself visibly, Prenaica is a special product for those desiring to create a unique space with a personality. The model is available in four different colors. Blanca color is covering the spaces it is applied like a natural shell with its white color and creating an art wall. Gris color of Prenaica, which is environment-friendly and has a natural look, is suitable both for interior and exterior spaces. The product, which can be preferred to make spaces elegant and different, minimizes the problems of humidity such as mold thanks to its insulation feature. Prenaica Ocre, which carries the nature's rhythm and fluent lines to the walls, it is creating a sculptural integrity on walls by using artificial forms of the art. Prenaica is also available in Cobriza and Carmin colors.

Prenaica 系列的靈感來自水平和灌漿板岩的網格系統,以其真實的板岩外觀改變了空間。 Prenaica 將其個性反映在應用空間中,並在視覺上確立自己的地位,是為那些希望創造具有個性獨特空間的人的特殊產品。該系列有四種不同的顏色可供選擇。 Blanca 顏色覆蓋了它所應用的空間,就像一個白色的天然貝殼,創造了一面藝術牆。 Prenaica 的 Gris 色環保且外觀自然,適用於室內外空間。該產品可以使空間變得優雅和不同,由於其絕緣特性,可以最大限度地減少潮濕等問題。 Prenaica Ocre 將大自然的韻律和流暢的線條帶到牆壁上,它通過使用人工藝術形式在牆壁上創造出雕塑般的完整性。 Prenaica 還提供 Cobriza 和 Carmin 兩種顏色。


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