Product Guarantee 

15 YEARS for interior spaces // 10 YEARS for exterior spaces

Non-flammability Class

 "Euroclass ISO EN 13501-1 EU" norms, "Class A2 Non-flammable & Non-combustible"


"1.46 gr/cm³" according to "TS EN ISO 1183-1" norms

Temperature Resistance Limit

"No deterioration at 800 °C" according to "ASTM E1069" norms

Barcol Hardness

"52" according to "TS EN 59" norms

Impact resistance (Ball Method)

"No crackages" according to "DIN ISO 4586 T12" norms

Impact Resistance (w/ Charpy Device)

"30 kj/m2" according to "TS EN ISO 179-1" norms

Sound Insulation

"40 dB" according to "TS EN ISO 140-3" norms

Frost Resistance

"No deterioration" according to "ASTM C 666" norms

Panel Details 產品詳情

Panel Size 飾面板尺寸

302cm x 131cm [h]

Panel Thickness 厚度

~ 12 - 16 mm

Pattern Depth 花紋深度

~ 14 - 18 mm

Weight 重量 (以每平方米計算)

~ 9 - 10 kg/m²

For a pure and light perception...


Started to be used in 7th century, these walls used to be a bond system that would be connected to each other with wide joint gaps in large structures. Being a successful example of their period and style, you can take a journey through time or create an artistic wall with Lajas panels. Providing a stone suitable for every decoration and a special look with its wide joint gaps, Lajas Gris is appealing to those, who want to create a pure and light perception. With Gris, you can build a symbolic structure in gray tones and decorate the surroundings based on that. Terrosa is one of the special models of Lajas with its sculptural perception. With its soil color, it surrounds the space and presents various structures and patterns with light and shade plays and creates different emotions in every applied space. In beige and dark brown shades, Lajas Ocre is a structure appreciated by those who love the classic style. It is one of the most preferred colors of the model. Lajas also has Blanca, Cobriza and Carmin models.

這些牆在 7 世紀開始使用,曾經是一種粘合系統,可以在大型結構中通過寬大的接縫間隙相互連接。作為他們時代和風格的成功典範,您可以穿越時空或用 Lajas 面板創建藝術牆。 Lajas Gris 提供適合各種裝飾的石材和具有寬大接縫間隙的特殊外觀,吸引了那些想要創造純粹和光感的人。使用 Gris,您可以構建灰色色調的象徵性結構,並以此為基礎裝飾周圍環境。 Terrosa 是 Lajas 的特殊設計之一,具有雕塑感。它以泥土色環繞空間,呈現出各種結構和圖案,光影交錯,在每一個應用空間中營造出不同的情感。 Lajas Ocre 採用米色和深棕色色調,是經典風格人士喜愛的結構。它是模特最喜歡的顏色之一。 Lajas 也有 Blanca、Cobriza 和 Carmin 型號。


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