Enkopur Liquid Plastic

Weather-proof Protective Skin for Roofs

  • A single-component, self-vulcanizing and weather-proof liquid platic for sealing flat roofs, balconies, terraces and complicated connections

  • With Enke Polyflex fleece as a durably crack-bridging reinforcement, Enkopur as long time protective liquid plastic, this formula has proved itself

  • Special polyurethane prepolymers provide for unusually fast rain resistance and durable functional security of the surface even in unfavorable external conditions

  • The adhesion of the system with corresponding prime coats is very good on surfaces found on the part of the building site

  • The water vapour pemeability is excellent

  • Potential residual moisture in a roof structure can escape at any time while all surfaces, problem areas and connections remain seamlessly sealed in the long term

Enke's Enkopur hand-applied liquid system provides waterproofing for balcony
Enke's Enkopur hand-applied liquid system can be a DIY soluton for your waterproofing need.

Enkryl hand-applied liquid system

Solution for Tilted Roofs

  • A pure acrylic polymer-based dispersion, free from plasticisers and solvents

  • A viscous, thixotropic ready-to-use coating compound which adheres well to concrete and weathered and sanded roofs

  • A seam-free, temperature-reducing roof sealant

  • Appropriate for roofs with sufficient pitch

  • Particularly effective for restoring weathered bitumen and cement-bonded roofing

  • Protect against moisture penetration, in conjunction with Enke Polyflex fleece
    Excellent resistance to weather and aging

  • Extremely good vapour permeability

  • Tread resistant (e.g. for maintenance purposes)

Enke's Enkryl hand-applied liquid system ideal for sloping roofs waterproofing
Enke's Enkryl hand-applied liquid system, is ideal for sloping roofs restoration.

HiLite floors® hand-applied liquid system

Luminescent flooring 

  • Self-luminous floor surface with lumina effect 

  • Light absorbed in the day will emit in the dark

  • Unique floor coating system made of solvent-free reaction resin 

  • Applicable for creative design in car showrooms, exhibition stand construction, fashion and beauty boutiques, corporate store. 

  • Applicable to plenty of substrates, such as concrete, cement screed, old coatings, tiles, etc. 

  • Surface texture can be completely smooth to highly slip-resistant.

Enke HilLte Floor provides self-luminous floor surface, ideal fo safety and design appliction.

HiLite floors lumina by day

HiLite floors lumina at night

Enke HiLite Floor example - lumina by day - chips
Enke HiLite Floor example - lumina by day - wipe optic
Enke HiLite Floor example - lumina at night - chips
Enke HiLite Floor example - lumina at night - wipe optic