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Spraying in process

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Ottoflex hand paint for vertical application
Ottoflex hand paint for vertical application

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Sole Distributor 

Hong Kong and Macau

alwitra - system solutions for flat roofs
Enke - liquid waterproofig systems
Otto Chemie - a specialized producer of premium quality silicones and sealants
VIP - a leading research and development company specialising in advanced new coating technologies for the protection of concrete, steel, timber, fibreglass, etc.

V-PRO as Approved Project Manager 

Alwitra Evalon waterproofing membrane
Balcony waterproofing with Enkepor
Colorful and high performance sealants and adhesives from Otto Chemie for sealing and bonding
VIP waterproofing solution with QuickSeal

alwitra's waterproofing membrane system features optimum properties and almost 50 years of competence in flat roof experience covering more than 150 million square meters of flat roofs installation worldwide.  

Application is common on Green Roof, Industrial Roof, terrace, planters, flat roof on new builds and flat roof refurbishment.

Enke features high-quality and well-established liquid-applied waterproofing solution ideal to apply in situations where complex area details and spatial constraint need to be addressed.

Just with the use of a roller and brush, and the right choice of Enke products, your re-roofing project for solving reliably and durably the water ingress or seepage issue would no longer be a headache.

Owners of village houses, for example, can choose to entrust contractors to deploy Enke’s solution with their re-roofing project, or can consider DIY since Enke's liquid solution is straight forward to apply.


We would provide the necessary knowledge transfer to our end customers to facilitate project success.    

OTTO-CHEMIE offers a wide range of high-performance specialty adhesives and sealants for professional joiners, contractors, planners, specifiers, architects, and interior designers. The sealing and bonding results delivered superbly in terms of weather, age and UV-resistant properties, high abrasion resistance and high tensile strength, high resistance to cleaning chemical, as well as high adhesivity on materials such as wood, glass, metal, and PVC.

Most importantly, OTTO-CHEMIE have so many color choices to meet your particular visual and aesthetic need. Can you imagine you have 81 different colors to choose? And there are also natural stone and marble color silicones in a range of different shades to match your stone surface, whether you need it in matt or texture.

Let’s make your sealing and bonding joints to stay well-functioned and beautiful under the test of time.

VIP Coatings commands a leading position in delivering high performance surface protection for waterproofing, against abrasion, corrosion and chemical attack across applications in industries including water and waste water coating, healthcare, food processing, infrasturcture, civil construction, transport and cargo, leisure and tourism, etc.

Moreover, its product prominence in achieving instant curing, has always proved to be a criticial success factor to meet time demanding need in projects.  

Reliable & High-Performance product quality & solutions from Germany,

persistent high standard in project management,

dedicated to make your every endeavor a success.